Blowing Through 1,000 Tracked Pips; Intraday Weekly Review


Last week was a great week. I racked up 619 pips (highest tracked-week yet) on light trading. Some of the profits came from short Yen positions held over the weekend. A substantial part of profits also came from positions on the Canadian Dollar. Mid week I had recommended looking at the Canadian crosses for possible plays (See post, Blame Canada! Loonie Strength on Speculation of Interest Rate Hike). All three discussed Loonie positions played out very well.

Trade ideas for this week coming out in the next post.

Here are the trades that were closed on StockTwits and for the week of April 19-23, 2010:

Long USD/JPY from 91.99 closed at 92.60 for +61 pips

Long AUD/JPY from 85.05 closed at 86.65 for +60 pips

Long GBP/JPY from 141.62 closed at 141.95 for +33 pips

Long CAD/JPY from 92.30 closed at 93.10 for + 80 pips

Long CAD/JPY from 91.40 closed at 91.30 for -10 pips

Long USD/JPY from 92.58 closed at 91.60 for +2 pips

Short USD/CAD from 1.0122 closed at .9990 for +132 pips

Long NZD/USD from .7092 closed at .7125 for +33 pips

Long EUR/GBP from .8696 closed at.8671 for -25 pips

Long AUD/JPY from 86.06 closed at 86.36 for +30 pips

Long USD/JPY from 92.9o closed at93.31 for +41 pips

Short USD/CHF from 1.0785 closed at 1.0730 for +55 pips

Long EUR/USD from 1.3303 closed at 1.2360 for -43 pips

Short USD/CHF from 1.0822 closed at1.0755 for +67 pips

Short AUD/CAD from .9288 (Old position, 1 week+) closed at .9185 for +103 pips

For a total of 697-78 = 619 pips; total for the week: 619 pips

Total cumulative tracked pips = 619 + 919 = 1,538 pips (5-week period)

Average pips per week: 307.6 pips

Still in the books: Short AUD/CAD from .9218 and short USD/CHF from 1.0690